This has been such an exciting summer playing shows and working on new music for you all. I’m so happy to announce that the pre-order for my second EP, ‘Virtue’ has officially begun! These new songs keep exploring my new sound, and I hope you will enjoy the evolution as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering it.

You can go to shop.williamryankey.com right now to check out all of the cool stuff I’ve put together for the pre-order. In fact, you can custom build your own pre-order bundle, and the more items you select, the bigger discount you’ll receive on your purchase. There is special colored vinyl, signed CDs, a killer line of new apparel, and more. Also with every order, you will receive an instant download of a brand new song called, ‘The Bowery’. Certain orders will also qualify for a limited edition enamel pin.

One of the most amazing and gratifying parts of this new venture as a solo artist has been my connection with you guys, and your incredible support of my new music. My first EP was a top 20 Billboard release, hit number 1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, and has nearly 600,000 streams. All of that was done with no record company involved. It is 100% your accomplishment as much as it is mine. I’m so proud of the songs on ‘Virtue’ and I truly hope you love them. If you feel inclined to tell a friend, share the music via social media, or just blast it in your car with the windows down at a stop light, I know we can take this project to the next level together. 

You can follow me everywhere on social media @williamryankey, and again the link for ‘Virtue’ pre-orders is shop.williamryankey.com. Thank you all so much. I couldn’t do any of this without you.